A little nest

Tradition and the Know-How, the essence of whom knew how to do things properly and nowadays the people who are trying to brings flavors together at this former “sociedad gastronomica” (private culinary club”), Beloki. Founded in 1929, at the era when these particular clubs were erecting all over but specially in San Sebastian. The memorable founder, Jose Maria Busca Isusi, was born in Zumarraga in 1916 and was the pioneer of the culinary indutry.


Nowadays, Kabia restaurant is divided in two separate rooms, one of them semi-private, a lacarte service and for Tasting Menus during the weekdays. If this choice suits you, don´t hesitate in letting know our personnel at your booking.  Moreover, this way, you will enjoy your privacy at our place, which still maintains stoned built beams from that historic culinary club, Beloki.